Starting 2011, I was a research assistant in two research groups:

Also, I had a four-month internship at the Department of System Planning, Manitoba Hydro working on the application of the novel single-source integral equation for power cable parameter extraction (see Publications: [D02][J01], [C04]) that could potentially extend the capabilities of PSCAD for simulation of arbitrary-shaped cable geometries.

Major research projects I have been working on

  • Fast direct H-matrix based integral-equation solver for free-space and layered-medium problems


  • New single-source integral equation for electromagnetics

    We recently proposed a new single-source integral equation (SSIE) of computational electromagnetics. Unlike the previously known SSIEs which are derived from traditional surface integral equations (IE) through elimination of either electric or magnetic equivalent current, the new SSIE is obtained from the volume IE stated for homogeneous objects. Thus far, the novel electric field SSIE has been demonstrated to be applicable to the problems of magneto-quasi-statics with both homogeneous and layered medium background. It has been also successfully applied to both the scalar and vector problems of full-wave scattering on homogeneous penetrable 2D scatterers. We are currently working on generalization of the new SSIE to the case of general 3D scattering problems and their higher-order method of moments solution.

  • Benchmarking in computational electromagnetics

    We recently proposed a benchmark suite for the state-of-the-art solvers in bioelectromagnetic (BioEM) simulation. We intend to create benchmarks that will help to compare solvers in different areas of CEM, including packaging analysis, layered-medium Green's function evaluation, etc.

Research Interests

  • computational electromagnetics
  • fast algorithms
  • inverse problems
  • parallel algorithms
  • matrix analysis and linear algebra
  • packaging, antenna, and scattering analysis
  • power transmission systems
  • geoelectromagnetics
  • benchmarking