Chang Liu, Anton Menshov, Vivek Subramanian, Kemal Augun, Henning Braunisch, Vladimir Okhmatovski, Ali Yilmaz
C. Liu, A. Menshov, V. Subramanian, K. Augun, H. Braunisch, V. Okhmatovski, and A. Yilmaz, “Toward predictive modeling of full-size packages with layered-medium integral-equation methods,” in Int. Conf. Electr. Perf. Electron. Packag. Syst., San Diego, CA, Oct. 2016, pp. 1–3.
Publication year: 2016


Layered-medium integral-equation (LMIE) methods that can confront the multiscale problems encountered in electromagnetic modeling of electronic packages are presented. The methods include (i) an impedance-boundary condition (IBC) formulation for modeling conductor thickness, roughness, and finite conductivity, (ii) non-radiating lumped-port models for extracting network parameters, and (iii) FFT based iterative and hierarchical-matrix (ℋ-matrix) based direct algorithms for efficiently solving the resulting systems of equations. The methods are used to analyze increasingly higher fidelity models of a benchmark packaging interconnect structure; the results are validated with measurements; and the tradeoff between increased model fidelity and computational costs are quantified.