Anton Menshov
A. Menshov, “New single-source surface integral equations for scattering on penetrable cylinders and current flow modeling in 2-D and 3-D conductors,” Master's Thesis, Dept. Electr. Comput. Eng., Univ. Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, 2014.
Publication year: 2014


Accurate modeling of current flow and network parameter extraction in 2-D and 3-D conductors has an important application in signal integrity of high-speed inter- connects. In this thesis, we propose a new rigorous single-source Surface-Volume- Surface Electric Field Integral Equation (SVS-EFIE) for magnetostatic analysis of 2-D transmission lines and broadband resistance and inductance extraction in 3-D interconnects. Furthermore, the novel integral equation can be used for the solution of full-wave scattering problems on penetrable 2-D cylinders of arbitrary cross-section under transverse magnetic polarization. The new integral equation is derived from the classical Volume Electric Field Integral Equation (V-EFIE) by representing the electric field inside a conductor or a scatterer as a superposition of the cylindrical waves emanating from the conductor’s surface. This converts the V-EFIE into a surface integral equation involving only a single unknown function on the surface. The novel equation features a product of integral operators mapping the field from the conductor surface to its volume and back to its surface terming the new equation the Surface-Volume-Surface EFIE. The number of unknowns in the proposed SVS-EFIE is approximately the square root of the number of degrees of freedom in the traditional V-EFIE; therefore, it allows for substantially faster network parameter extraction and solutions to 2-D scattering problems without compromising the accuracy. The validation and benchmark of the numerical implementation of the Method of Moment discretization of the novel SVS- EFIE has been done via comparisons against numerical results obtained by using alternative integral equations, data found in literature, simulation results acquired from the CAD software, and analytic formulas.