Anton Menshov, Vladimir Okhmatovski
A. Menshov and V. Okhmatovski, “Microwave imaging with contrast source inversion method in focusing media,” in IEEE MTT-S Int. Conf. Numerical Electromagnetic Multiphysics Modeling Optimization (NEMO), Ottawa, Canada, Aug. 2015, pp. 1–3.
Publication year: 2015


The Contrast Source Inversion (CSI) algorithm is numerically implemented and tested for microwave tomography (MWT) of 2-D objects in the presence of the focusing media. The focusing media in the novel implementation of the CSI algorithm is formed by the Veselago Lens. Unlike in the conventional CSI algorithm implemented in non-focusing media, the presence of the lens produces diagonal dominance in the discretized inverse problem operator thus eliminating its rank deficiency. This diagonal dominance of the discretized inverse problem operator matrix is shown to notably speed up converges of the conjugate gradient (CG) optimization inherent to the CSI method and reduces the final error in the object reconstruction which the CG iterations saturate at.