Farhad Sheikh Hosseini Lori, Anton Menshov, Vladimir Okhmatovski
F. Sheikh Hosseini Lori, A. Menshov, and V. Okhmatovski, “New vector single-source surface integral equation for scattering problems on dielectric objects in 2D,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 65, no. 7, pp. 3794–3799, Jul. 2017.
Publication year: 2017


A new surface single-source integral equation (SSIE) is proposed for the solution of electromagnetic wave scattering problems in two dimensions. The traditional volume electric field integral equation (V-EFIE) is reduced to the new single-source surface integral equation by representing the electric field inside the scatterer as a superposition of cylindrical waves emanating from its boundary. While being rigorous in nature, the new single-source surface integral equation features half of the degrees of freedom compared with traditional surface integral equation formulations. It is amenable to derivative-free method of moments discretization as it features only electric-field-type of Green’s function instead of both electric and magnetic field Green’s functions.