Arman Shojaeifard, Deepa Jagyasi, Stephan ten Brink, Marc Gauger, Florian Euchner, Norbert Schmidt, Daniel Martini, Fraser Burton, Yangyishi Zhang, Paul Botham, Mark Beach, Zhihan Ren, Wei Wang, Anton Menshov
A. Shojaeifard, et al., "Antenna arrays and reconfigurable intelligent surfaces,” WP3.D3.2, CELTIC-NEXT AIMM Project, Oct. 2022. [Online]. Available:
Publication year: 2022

This report provides a summary of activities from the work of the CELTIC-NEXT AIMM project Work-Package 3 (WP3) on “Antenna Arrays and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”. These include all results obtained on topics of work within WP3, namely on “Antenna Array Geometries”, “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”, and “Power Amplifier Enhancements”. Dissemination activities and future plans are also captured in this deliverable.