Mohammad Shafieipour, H.M.J.S.P. De Silva, K.K.M.A. Kariyawasam, Anton Menshov, Vladimir Okhmatovski
M. Shafieipour, H. M. J. S. P. De Silva, K. K. M. A. Kariyawasam, A. Menshov, and V. Okhmatovski, “Fast computation of the electrical parameters of sector-shaped cables using single-source integral equation and 2D moment method discretization,” in Int. Conf. Power Syst. Transients, Seoul, South Korea, Jun. 2017, pp. 1–6.
Publication year: 2017


The per-unit-length capacitance of sector-shaped cables has been shown to remain relatively constant when operating in power system frequencies (up to 1MHz) making it possible to approximate it using closed-form expressions with reasonable accuracy. Numerical evaluation of frequency dependent resistance R and inductance L parameters of these types of cables remains computationally expensive. In this paper, the method-of-moment (MoM) discretization of the proximity- and skin-effect- aware formulation known as the surface-volume- surface electric field integral equation (SVS-EFIE) is optimized and applied for extracting the R and L parameters of circular and sector-shaped cables. While the proposed method guarantees to provide reliable data by iteratively achieving a desired accuracy, it also increases the efficiency of the MoM significantly. This makes the proposed method a suitable candidate for electromagnetic transient programs where rapid and accurate computation of the electrical parameters of sector-shaped cables is required.