Farhad Sheikh Hosseini Lori, Mohammad Shakander Hosen, Anton Menshov, Mohammad Shafieipour, Vladimir Okhmatovski
F. Sheikh Hosseini Lori, M. S. Hossen, A. Menshov, M. Shafieipour, and V. Okhmatovski, “Accurate transmission lines characterization via higher order moment method solution of novel single-source integral equation,” in IEEE/MTT-S Int. Microw. Symp., Honolulu, HI, Jun. 2017, pp. 1–3.
Publication year: 2017


A new method for high precision extraction of per-unit-length inductance and resistance in the multi-conductor transmission lines (MTLs) is presented. The approach is based on higher-order geometrical representation of the MTL cross-section followed by higher-order method of moment discretization of a novel surface single-source integral equation. Through comparison against the analytically available solutions, the method is shown to achieve 6 digits of precision in the extracted MTL’s resistance (R) and inductance (L) using moderate computational resources. The proposed approach paves a way for numerically inexpensive characterization of MTLs of arbitrary cross-sections with analytic-like quality.