Anton Menshov, Farhad Sheikh Hosseini Lori, Jonatan Aronsson
A. Menshov, F. Sheikh Hosseini Lori, and J. Aronsson, “Rigorous numerical electromagnetic compatibility modeling of connected vehicles with deployed frequency selective surfaces,” in IEEE Symp. EMC, SI & PI, New Orleans, LA, Aug. 2019.
Publication year: 2019


The increasing number of wireless subsystems inside smart vehicles and emerging 5G technologies demand efficient and accurate simulation tools. For connected vehicles, accu- rate full-wave simulation of electrically large structures with deployed frequency selective surfaces (FSS) poses a significant computational challenge. In this paper, we simulate an entire vehicle with FSSs deployed on windows blocking the propagation of a 1.9 GHz signal using the Wave3D solver. The proposed full-wave simulation approach takes into account the finite size of FSS, as well as the window curvature.